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Tactical Integration of Bomb Technicians by SWAT Teams
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The goal of the class will be to integrate EOD personnel with SWAT teams to conduct training in a tactical environment with improvised explosive devices. Course will also cover blast pressures associated with IED’s both inside and outside a structure as well as give a brief familiarization of different kinds of booby traps a SWAT operator may encounter. At the completion of this course students should be able to: ? Move through a tactical situation with an EOD element ? Provide security to EOD while they assess an IED ? Better understand how blast pressures work in a structure ? Identity safe distances or safe area’s to place their SWAT teams in case of detonation of an IED. ? NTOA will issue certificates to any SWAT operator that attends the training. If you think that your department would benefit from this FBI Tactical Bomb Technician Integration Training, please sign up for this free course.
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There are currently no scheduled sessions for this course. If you would like information about hosting a course at your agency please click here

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