Training Course Proposal Request
Use this form to propose hosting a training course at your facility.

Before submitting a Course Proposal Request, please review the course calendar to ensure that the same course is not offered within 1 hour of your location. If the same course is offered in your area, there is a high likelihood that your request will not be processed.

Co-Host Agency Information

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Open Course: Any sworn law enforcement officer can attend and each is responsible for payment. This type of course is advertised on our website and other LE training sites. Two complimentary slots are given to the co-host agency.

Closed Course: Your agency pays for the entire cost of ALL registered officers. This type of course is not advertised. Purchase order # and invoicing instructions required.

Instructor access needed 1 hour prior to start of training.

The actual name of the location where training will be held

For the first day of class.

Contact person who will be present during the course?

Recommended Hotel

Training Logistics

Adequate space with tables and chairs
White board w/markers
Multimedia or LCD Projector & screen
2 additional break-out rooms (Negotiations Course)
3 or 4 vacant locations with multiple rooms and floors (Movement Courses)
1 commercial building w/ multiple rooms (Movement Courses)
Post-it notes (Wall 2'x3')

9mm training handguns (support)
9mm marking rounds (250)
Helmets - vests - groin protection (support)
2 3 Role players for last day
Ballistic shield
Ram & halligan tools
Chemical agent house
Mirrors for searching
Bull horn
Throw phone

15 shooting positions
Bermed with back stops
25-300 yd ranges required
Targets - tape - spray paint