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MACTAC Instructor Certification
High-Risk Patrol Operations 
This five-day course will develop students' basic skills in MACTAC (Multiple Assault Counter-Terrorism Action Capabilities) to a proficient level that will enable them to immediately deploy a contact team or squad able to locate, move to and neutralize violent assaults and/or terrorist acts. In addition to live fire, Simunition scenarios are included in the course.
Upon completion of this course the attendee will be familiar with:

1. Perform Contact Team, Squad Maneuvers and MACTAC Techniques
2. Demonstration to read terrain
3. Know and understand how to utilize the four As: Assess, Announce, Assemble & Act in field situations
4. Demonstrate a working knowledge of MACTAC through field exercises
5. Assess and lead police personnel to stop the violent and deadly behavior of an active shooter or MACTAC suspects
6. Direct Contact Team, Squad Maneuvers and MACTAC techniques
7. Utilize the four As to take the lead in building the department's response to a MACTAC incident rapidly and effectively as first responders arrive on scene
8. Rapidly deploy all available resources to stop violent aggressive deadly behavior
9. Manage department resources and personnel in the transition to post investigative activities

This course is not eligible to Associate Members.
There are currently no scheduled sessions for this course. If you would like information about hosting a course at your agency please click here to download a request form.