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Sniper Instructor Certification I
Tactical Firearms 
This course is designed for the experienced law enforcement long riflemen whose job description requires development of their instructor skills. Successful completion of the course will be dependent upon performance of various long rifle skills as well as demonstration of practical instruction needed of countersniper techniques. Topics to be covered include weapons selection and maintenance, use-of-force issues, rapid deployment techniques, coordinated fire, hide and firing position selection, cold bore rifle data, rapid bolt manipulation, extreme angle shooting, scope validation data, moving targets, range estimation, target identification, dim light and no light scenarios, as well as assorted qualification and stress courses of fire. Students must pass at least one of the three courses of fire presented. Instructors will work closely with all individuals to facilitate success. Students must also successfully present a one-hour block of related material instruction.

This course is not available to Associate Members.
There are currently no scheduled sessions for this course. If you would like information about hosting a course at your agency please click here to download a request form.