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Book Review: The Warrior's Manifesto by Daniel Modell
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2018
Page #: 38
Subject(s): Book Reviews
Give it a Rest: The Benefits of Quality Sleep
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2017
Page #: 36
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences
Teaming Up to Mitigate Groupthink in Negotiations and Tactical Operations
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2016
Page #: 38
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences, Command/Leadership, Crisis Negotiations, Tactical Operations
Integrating Mental Toughness and Physical Training
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2015
Page #: 44
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences, Physical Fitness, Training
Extreme Physical Training for Mental Toughness: Articulated Training or Adolescent Bullying?
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2015
Page #: 52
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences, Physical Fitness, TEMS, Training
Book Review: Mental Rehearsal for Warriors by Loren Christensen
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2014
Page #: 38
Subject(s): Book Reviews
Book Review - Dying for the Job: Police Work Exposure and Health by John M. Violanti, Ph.D.
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2014
Page #: 42
Subject(s): Book Reviews, Officer Safety
Preventing the Disease of Expertise
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2014
Page #: 48
Subject(s): Command/Leadership
Teaming Up: Aspects of Superior SWAT Teams
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2013
Page #: 38
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences, Command/Leadership, Personnel Selection
Five Techniques to Enhance the Effectiveness of Crisis Negotiations
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2012
Page #: 56
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations, Training
Can Warriors be Successfully Trained in Mental Toughness?
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2011
Page #: 50
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences, General Topics, Training
Three Things Tactical Officers Need to Remember About Negotiations
Publication: CNT Spring 2011
Page #: 10
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations
Training the Complete Negotiator: Mental Toughness Skills for Optimal Response in High Stress Crisis Negotiations
Publication: CNT Fall 2010
Page #: 8
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations, Training
From OODA to AAADA - A Cycle for Surviving Violent Police Encounters
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2010
Page #: 30
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences, Command/Leadership, Tactical Operations
Scenario-based Training: Does it Create Realistic Stress?
Publication: CNT Fall 2008
Page #: 9
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences, Crisis Negotiations
Listen to the Music: Using Popular Songs to Train Crisis Negotiators
Publication: CNT Fall 2007
Page #: 7
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations, Training
Stealth Stress: Cumulative Stress and Burnout
Publication: CNT Fall 2006
Page #: 14
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations
Tactical Performance Imagery
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2006
Page #: 45
Subject(s): General Topics
Can Police Negotiators Be Effectively Trained in Active Listening Skills?
Publication: CNT Fall 2005
Page #: 6
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations

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