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Single Officer Assailant Response (SOAR)
High-Risk Patrol Operations 
This course prepares the individual officer with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed when responding to a critical incident involving active killing, in the single officer capacity. Our program focuses on enlightened conservation of the single officer response. We emphasize problem solving while utilizing fundamental tactics and techniques that are simple, effective and repeatable. These tactics and techniques have been gained and validated through real world experiences. Topics include judgement enhanced training, critical skills marksmanship and entry techniques for the single officer assailant response. The officer will complete multiple fast-paced field training exercises that will improve and enhance the officer's problem-solving ability in the single officer response.
Course Eligibility
IndividualFire/EMSRetiredAssociateAgencyNon-Member Sworn LE
Upcoming Scheduled Course
Cancellation fees waived through the end of September.
Course NumberCourse Start DateDeadlineFeesLocationInstructorRegister
202029508/12/20207/12/2020Non-Mem: $530.00
Members: $475.00
Team Mem: $500.00
Dickinson, NDCarmona, Christopher
202030708/26/20207/26/2020Non-Mem: $585.00
Members: $530.00
Team Mem: $555.00
Flossmoor, IL Carmona, Christopher
202024009/21/20208/20/2020Non-Mem: $530.00
Members: $475.00
Monroe, LACarmona, Christopher