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Rescue Task Force Instructor Certification
High-Risk Patrol Operations 
This course is designed to teach students the four main methods of warm zone care during active violence incidents. Driving tactics as well as a reasonable expectation for success during active violence incidents will be discussed. This course will expose law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel, as well as other public safety partners to operating in a warm zone environment to provide point of wounding care to patients. Tactical Emergency Casualty Care lessons will be provided so that all participants can provide appropriate point of wounding care. Discussions will include command and control considerations, including the establishment of unified command, common operating language, and essential on scene functions that must be performed for the incident to be successful. This course will provide the student with ongoing training ideas for their department as well as identify some common barriers that must be overcome.

This course is not available to Associate Members.
There are currently no scheduled sessions for this course. If you would like information about hosting a course at your agency please click here to download a request form.