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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

The Covert Entry Option
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2002
Page #: 28
Subject(s): Covert Tactics
Support for Small Law Enforcement Agencies
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 1996
Page #: 36
Subject(s): TEMS
The Application of Fire Department Breaching Tools in Tactical Operations
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 1992
Page #: 22
Subject(s): Explosive Breaching
Surreptitious Building Entries: Techniques for Bypassing Locks in Tactical Situations - Part II
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 1991
Page #: 13
Subject(s): Covert Tactics
Surreptitious Building Entries: Part I
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 1990
Page #: 24
Subject(s): Covert Tactics