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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

Book Review: "Field Command" by Charles "Sid" Heal
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2012
Page #: 44
Subject(s): Command/Leadership, Tactical Operations
Suicide Bomber - Ballistic Shield Standoff Testing (Summary Report)
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2010
Page #: 90
Subject(s): Explosives, Firearms and Equipment, Terrorism
Supervision and Management Survey Results: WMD a Priority Concern
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2000
Page #: 22
Subject(s): Surveys and Assessments
SWAT Leadership Selection
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 1998
Page #: 49
Subject(s): Personnel Selection
Selection of a Police Countersniper
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 1984
Page #: 21
Subject(s): Long Rifle/Sniper/Observer