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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

Distracting Success in New Bedford-A Reality Check by the Supreme Judicial Court of Mass.
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 1998
Page #: 66
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law
SWAT Partnership With the Media? Think Carefully!
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 1997
Page #: 29
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law
Questioning During High-Risk Entry
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 1997
Page #: 37
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law
"Plain Feel" - Implications for the Tactical Officer
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 1997
Page #: 62
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law
What Are Emergency Circumstances?
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 1996
Page #: 42
Subject(s): Command/Leadership