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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

Utilizing Drones for Situational Awareness During Adversarial Crises
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2020
Page #: 68
Subject(s): Intelligence Gathering, Technology, UAS/UAV
Critical Decisions During Active Shooter Events
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2019
Page #: 28
Subject(s): Active Shooter Response, Officer Safety, Patrol Operations, Tactical Operations
Combined Arms: Using Multiple Less-Lethal Weapons Systems During Use-of-Force Encounters
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2018
Page #: 34
Subject(s): Less Lethal, Tactical Operations, Use of Force
Unraveling the Knot: Common Mistakes During Large-Scale Critical Incidents and How to Overcome Them
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2017
Page #: 30
Subject(s): Active Shooter Response, Command/Leadership, Tactical Operations
Decision-Making Exercises: Make Problem Solving in Crisis Situations Part of Your Training
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2016
Page #: 64
Subject(s): Command/Leadership, Training
Role Designations: A Key to Success for Part-time Tactical Teams
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2015
Page #: 32
Subject(s): Command/Leadership