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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

UAS in Law Enforcement: Updates on an Operational Team
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2019
Page #: 88
Subject(s): UAS/UAV
Documentation of Training: A Roadmap to Success
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2018
Page #: 22
Subject(s): Training, Use of Force
Charting Your Agency's Response to Unmanned and Model Aircraft
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2017
Page #: 30
Subject(s): Command/Leadership, Tactical Operations, UAS/UAV
Preparing Law Enforcement's Response to Drone Activity
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2016
Page #: 22
Subject(s): UAS/UAV
Change Your Perspective: A View From Above With The Use of UAS Technology
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2015
Page #: 72
Subject(s): Technology