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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

Legal Implications of Sworn and Non-Sworn Collaboration During Law Enforcement Operations
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2018
Page #: 68
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law, Tactical Operations, TEMS
The Interview: Mark Gibbons
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2017
Page #: 14
Subject(s): TEMS
Review of Mass Shooting Events Supports Current Trauma Management Guidelines
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2016
Page #: 68
Subject(s): TEMS
The Relevance of TCCC Guidelines to Civilian Law Enforcement Operations
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2009
Page #: 52
Subject(s): TEMS
Maryland State Police Tactical Medical Unit
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2006
Page #: 60
Subject(s): TEMS
Tactical Long Rifleman Care: Tactical Medicine from Afar
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2005
Page #: 78
Subject(s): TEMS