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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

Hostage Shot During Armed Standoff - Are You Liable?
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2019
Page #: 60
Subject(s): Command/Leadership, Hostage Rescue, Legal/Case Law, Use of Force
Use of Deadly Force Against Man's Best Friend
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2019
Page #: 46
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law, Tactical Operations, Use of Force
SCOTUS Rules for Police Officer in Excessive Force Case
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2018
Page #: 60
Subject(s): Case Studies and Tactical Operations, Legal/Case Law, Use of Force
The Legal Implications of Using Flash/Sound Diversionary Devices: A Walk Through the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2018
Page #: 60
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law, Less Lethal, Use of Force
Use of Force and Mental Illness
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2018
Page #: 56
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences, Legal/Case Law
SCOTUS: 9th Circuit "Provocation Rule" is an Unwarranted and Illogical Expansion of Graham v. Connor
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2018
Page #: 62
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law, Use of Force
Your Department is Only as Strong as Your Weakest Supervisor
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2014
Page #: 58
Subject(s): Command/Leadership, Legal/Case Law
Crowd Management and Protecting Civil Rights
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2013
Page #: 78
Subject(s): Crowd and Riot Control, General Topics, Legal/Case Law, Training, Use of Force
Tactical Operations Liability: Are You Meeting the Requirements?
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2013
Page #: 58
Subject(s): Command/Leadership, Legal/Case Law, Policy, Procedures and Plans, Training