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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

The Discovery Channel Incident
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2011
Page #: 16
Subject(s): Active Shooter Response, Command/Leadership, Explosives, Hostage Rescue, Incident Summary, Tactical Operations
Training the Basics
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2006
Page #: 95
Subject(s): Training
Sniper Taskforce: Washington Metro Sniper Homicides
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2003
Page #: 102
Subject(s): Tactical Operations
Cold Zero: Inside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team by Christopher Whitcomb
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2002
Page #: 96
Subject(s): Book Reviews
Tactical Selection School in Montgomery County, Md.
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2000
Page #: 72
Subject(s): Personnel Selection
Drug Raids
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 1994
Page #: 22
Subject(s): General Topics