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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

Maximizing Training
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2014
Page #: 16
Subject(s): Command/Leadership, Tactical Operations, Training
Testifying as a SWAT Trainer
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2013
Page #: 20
Subject(s): General Topics, Legal/Case Law, Policy, Procedures and Plans, Tactical Operations, Training
Recognizing and Mitigating Fatigue Caused by Sleep Deprivation: A Command Perspective
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2012
Page #: 14
Subject(s): Behavioral Sciences, Command/Leadership, Officer Safety
SWAT Commanders and Unintended Weapon Discharges
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2011
Page #: 24
Subject(s): Command/Leadership, Officer Safety, Training