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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

Officers as Hostages
Publication: CNT Spring 2004
Page #: 8
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations
Jerry Stevenson Incident
Publication: CNT Spring 2003
Page #: 10
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations
SWAT Members as Negotiators
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 1995
Page #: 25
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations
Mobile Hostage Situations
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 1994
Page #: 27
Subject(s): Hostage Rescue
Intelligence at a Hostage Barricade Incident
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 1993
Page #: 23
Subject(s): Intelligence Gathering
Managing a Crisis Incident: Some Considerations
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 1992
Page #: 44
Subject(s): Command/Leadership
Stockholm Syndrome and Tactical Operations
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 1991
Page #: 20
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations
The Legacy of Downs v. United States
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 1990
Page #: 20
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law
SWAT teams for VIP Protection
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 1989
Page #: 24
Subject(s): General Topics
The Tactical Use of Negotiators
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 1988
Page #: 39
Subject(s): Crisis Negotiations