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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures - Stick to the Timeless Principles
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2012
Page #: 26
Subject(s): Policy, Procedures and Plans, Tactical Operations, Training
Target Folders - A Key Element in Tactical Operations Planning
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2006
Page #: 114
Subject(s): Tactical Operations
Tactical Operations in Cold Weather Environments
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2005
Page #: 24
Subject(s): Tactical Operations
Waterborne Capabilities for Law Enforcement and Homeland Defense
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2005
Page #: 30
Subject(s): Maritime Operations
Physical Training Program Management
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2005
Page #: 30
Subject(s): Physical Fitness
Standard Operating Procedures and Tactical Planning
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2004
Page #: 32
Subject(s): Policy, Procedures and Plans