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National Tactical Officers Association
NTOA Publications : Articles

Lawful Storage of FSDDs for State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies: A Six-Year Project
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2013
Page #: 62
Subject(s): Command/Leadership, Diversionary Devices, Firearms and Equipment, Legal/Case Law, Less Lethal, Policy, Procedures and Plans
Flash/Sound Diversionary Devices: A Comprehensive Review
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2011
Page #: 14
Subject(s): Legal/Case Law, Less Lethal
NTOA Partnership with the National Institute of Justice
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2010
Page #: 90
Subject(s): Less Lethal
Less-Lethal Updates: Lightfield Less Lethal Research
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2010
Page #: 48
Subject(s): Less Lethal, Product Evaluation
Less-Lethal Updates: Sage Control Ordnance
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2010
Page #: 86
Subject(s): Less Lethal, Product Evaluation
Less-Lethal Updates: Pepperball Techologies, Inc.
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2009
Page #: 94
Subject(s): Less Lethal, Product Evaluation
Less-Lethal Impact Systems: Training Concepts and Deficiencies
Publication: Tactical Edge Winter 2009
Page #: 22
Subject(s): Less Lethal
Flash Sound Diversionary Devices: Important Updates on Storage and Purchasing
Publication: Tactical Edge Spring 2008
Page #: 12
Subject(s): Less Lethal
Chemical Agent Concentration Review for CS: Recommendation Against Concentration Calculations
Publication: Tactical Edge Fall 2005
Page #: 48
Subject(s): Less Lethal
Less Lethal Force: The Best Option for your team
Publication: Tactical Edge Summer 2003
Page #: 58
Subject(s): Less Lethal