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Webinar: (2021) Top 20 Tactical Concepts - Online

Webinar: (2021) Top 20 Tactical Concepts
Webinars Date: 7/13/2021 Time: 1400 (EST) 
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The Top 20 is an in-depth look at concepts that are foundational to the mindset, philosophy, and tactical considerations of today’s law enforcement officers (LEO’s). These concepts are essential to daily and critical decision making and are applicable to officers, supervisors, and managers in patrol and special operations and can be used to navigate all critical incidents including suicidal calls and crowd management events.

Regardless of previous experience, participants should come away with a better appreciation of concepts such as: Balanced Officers (warrior v guardian), the Soft Skills, De-escalation, OODA loop, Tactical Decision Making, the Safety Priorities, Officer Jeopardy, Opportunity, the 4 C’s, Space and Time, Tactical Pause, and Scenario Based Integrated Training, to name a few. This appreciation and understanding can help attendees become more balanced, improve their leadership skills, and make better informed, more consistent, and defensible decisions in daily operations and critical incidents by utilizing a 5-step decision-making model.

In the third segment, after finishing the concepts portion, a special section will deal directly with ways to approach suicidal calls by applying many of the concepts discussed during all three segments. The concepts will be delivered using incident and video debriefs.
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