Dietzman, Brenda
Building Resilience: A Tactical Guide for Developing a Firm Foundation for Mind, Body, and Spirit

We are resilient people. We are the ones others call when their world is falling apart. However, over the years, we are subjected to trauma and adversity on an almost daily basis and it can be mentally, emotionally and physically damaging. We can continue to rely on our current level of resilience or we can choose to actively develop it. In this presentation, we will learn about pre-traumatic growth and how to develop specific resources and tools that help make us become more resilient. Then, when in trauma, learning how to intentionally use those resources to help us cope. Then finally, we will discuss post traumatic growth and learn the steps that need to be taken after the event so it can make us healthier, wiser, and more resilient. The goal is to help us all learn how to prepare for, cope with, and grow through adversity so we can leave our careers (someday) healthier than we were on our first day.

Brenda Dietzman - Bio
Col. Brenda Dietzman (ret.) has 28 years of law enforcement and corrections experience. In 2019, she retired from the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office in Wichita, Kansas as the undersheriff in charge of jail operations. She oversaw two facilities with a total population of 1400+ inmates, 300+ employees and a $40 million budget. During her time in law enforcement, she also served as the captain in charge of the Patrol Division and the Judicial Division, a lieutenant in both the Patrol Division and the Special Project Unit, a Community Policing sergeant, detective, and a road patrol deputy. She now provides evidence-based training and has presented at numerous national, state and local events as well as for international audiences. She is an internationally certified IADLEST instructor. She has a bachelor of science degree in Administration of Justice from Wichita State University.