Cyr, Kevin
Applying Decentralized Command in SWAT Operations

Exercising strict command and control over SWAT operations is alluring to commanders who want to control risk. However, more often than not, the sense of control that rigid command processes provide is a mere illusion, and such strategies often create risk. This session will explore how to institute decentralized command in high-risk situations. It will explore concepts including contributors to flawed decision-making, contingency planning, team culture, and formulating mission statements and commanders intent to maximize the operational capability of SWAT teams. These concepts will be applied to search warrants, barricades, and hostage takings.

Kevin Cyr - Bio
Inspector Kevin Cyr, L.L.M. of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is the Officer in Charge of the Lower Mainland District Integrated Emergency Response Team, a full-time multi-agency team comprised of 6 agencies and 63 officers. He has a master's degree in Criminal Law and has published internationally in law and criminology journals. He is an adjunct criminology instructor at the University of Fraser Valley. He teaches Critical Incident Command at the Canadian Police College.