Michaud, Andrew
Incident Debrief: Hostage Rescue - Human Shield

This incident involved an Emergency Response Team responding to shots fired. The tactical team conducted a stealth entry, and the suspect used the hostage as a human shield, resulting in both the suspect and the hostage being shot. Eventually, the suspect took a hostage, with the suspect ultimately providing a timeline. This debrief provides a critical look at the challenges faced by the team and lessons learned. The presenters will discuss tactical intervention, communication, training, medical intervention, and team members' mental health.

Andrew Michaud - Bio
I have 14 years service with the RCMP. 13 of them with part-time and full time ERT. 6 years full time ERT in Surrey, BC (Beside Vancouver, BC). Profiles include Breacher, Medic, Marine and CBRN. Promoted to the Tactical Training Section in 2019 and is now a senior instructor at the RCMP ERT School (SWAT School).