Pearson, David
Evaluating Critical Incidents

This presentation will use video to look at several incidents around the country and evaluate the tactical concepts and principles applied, including less-lethal options. The presenter will discuss applying tactical concepts, decision-making, and safety priorities correctly. It will also focus on the debrief process that officers can use to improve responses and implement lessons learned constructively.

David Pearson - Bio
David Pearson began his law enforcement career in 1990 with the Prince Georges County (MD) Police, then went to the Thornton (CO) Police Department from 1992-1995. Dave started with the Fort Collins (CO) Police Services in 1995, retiring in 2021. He served as a SWAT team leader for eight years before being promoted to Lieutenant in 2011. As a lieutenant, David has served in Criminal Investigations, Professional Standards, the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force, and as Acting Assistant Chief. David has been instructing since 1996 on over a dozen topics. Since 2005, David has been an instructor for the NTOA and teaches a wide variety of topics, most notably the Less Lethal Impact Projectiles, Chemical Agents, & Noise Flash Diversionary Device Instructor course. David has certified over 1000 instructors in the United States and Canada on less-lethal munitions. Since 2013, he has served in the role of NTOA Less Lethal Section Chair.