Wolf, Bob
Incident Debrief: Palace Drive Barricade/Hostage Incident

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, a suspect shot the neighbor's exterior lights and cameras and then barricaded with his 92-year-old mother in the home. Over the next hour, the suspect engaged the SWAT team with several rounds of gunfire. This incident provides a behind the scenes look at the incident which included several unique tactical issues. Eventually a drone was utilized and shot out of the air by the suspect. Rook vehicles, sniper-initiated entry during a hostage rescue, and many other decisions and tactics will be discussed by those who were on scene.

Bob Wolf - Bio
Bob Wolf began his career with the Colorado Springs, CO Police Department in 1992. He worked in the Patrol Division and then transferred to the Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Unit and worked on street level narcotics investigations. In 2000, Bob joined the full-time SWAT Team as an operator and remained there until 2014, when he was promoted to Sergeant. In 2015, he returned as the supervisor of the unit. Bob has instructed firearms, less lethal, driving, patrol response to active shooter, hostage rescue, basic SWAT, and various other topics. He has been teaching with NTOA since 2007.