Wistocki, Richard
Recovery in Our Ranks

In the advent of first responder mental health including PTSS, gambling, alcoholism and drug abuse, we are losing more first responders than ever before. This is mostly due to the trauma they experience while in performance of their duties. The "Recovery in Our Ranks" training is a hands-on experience for all persons connected to the first responder community. This training focuses on what to look for when an employee is struggling with these issues and how to get them help at the exact moment they say "OK, I need help now." The attendee will learn how to get their employee the help they need instead of ostracizing them from their organization. This training program will give an insider look at treatment modules a first responder will go through when struggling with their trauma and/or addictions. The attendee will examine all of the modules of the Haven for Our Heroes Program. This experience will go from arrival, to detox, PHP, aftercare, FMLA standards, Adventure Therapy, EMDR treatment, first responder family involvement and alumni follow ups after treatment. These brave men and women are subject to a level of physical, emotional and mental stress unlike anyone else. As their jobs have become even more demanding, stress levels have increased to the point where they experience some of the country's highest rates of substance abuse, depression and suicide. The Recover in Our Ranks Program has successfully treated hundreds of emergency personnel nationwide setting them on the path to success.

Richard Wistocki - Bio
Detective Richard Wistocki (ret) had been with the Naperville (IL) Police Department for 28 years. In his last 22 years as an Internet Crimes Investigator with the Naperville Police Department, he has forged numerous partnerships with the community and other law enforcement agencies. He is one of the founding members and an affiliate member of the Illinois Attorney Generals High Tech Crimes Bureau (ICAC). His passion is concentrated in teaching parents how to parent their children while online. He takes his juvenile investigations experience and applies it to teaching parents how to be better parents. He is an instructor for NCJTC and NEMRT. He is also the creator of the Illinois Sexting Law. Wistocki has partnered with A Man In Recovery Foundation in a presentation entitled The Cop and The Convict. This is a presentation with real solutions when parents have detected their child may be involved in drugs. Recently, Wistocki started working for Transformations Treatment Center First Responder Rehabilitation Program. His affiliation comes from 30 years in law enforcement and SWAT operations and observing how our brothers and sisters can self-destruct. He wants to make it known that there is a place for us when we need help that is confidential so we can keep our jobs, our families and our pensions.