Lang, Mark
Police Sniper Training and Operations Manual: An In-Depth Look at the 2nd Edition

The American Sniper Association released the 2nd Edition of the Police Sniper Training and Operations Manual in April of 2022. This comprehensive manual is a must for every police sniper team assigned to a SWAT team. This presentation will examine key sections in the manual elaborating on and highlighting areas where there has been inertia in the past. This presentation is relevant for Police Snipers, Sniper Team Leaders, Sniper Supervisors and SWAT Commanders.

Mark Lang - Bio
Mark Lang is a 29-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department and is currently in his 22nd year as a member of Dallas SWAT. Since 2008, he and his team of instructors have taught Public Venue Response and Deployment courses across the United States and into Canada. Foreseeing the domestic and international terrorist threats at public venues, Lang's team trains SWAT teams in the proactive deployment at major events. With an emphasis on police snipers, operators, bomb technicians and command and control, many consider Lang to be the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in this field. With his curriculum having been taught to officers ranging from limited-use venues to Levi's Stadium for Super Bowl 50, his instructing cadre completed their first NASCAR venue in May 2017.