Eells, Thor
Breaking Down the NTOA's Position Paper on No-Knock Warrants

The NTOA recently published a position paper on no-knock warrants. This paper has led to some questions and misunderstanding of why the NTOA took a position and highlighted a need for more tactical training on implementing knock and announce warrants in a tactically sound manner. This issue is much broader than SWAT and involves other units that may regularly serve no-knock warrants. Discussion topics will include the background and history of no-knock warrants, why the NTOA published a position, tactical options for knock and announce warrants, factual information on tactical operations across the country, legal issues, life-safety principles, and nationwide trends. The presentation will answer the most common questions and concerns.

Thor Eells - Bio
Thor Eells is a retired Commander from the Colorado Springs, CO Police Department, where he served almost 30 years. He has experience in all facets of policing to include patrol, investigations, special operations, training, and professional standards. Thor did the majority of his career in tactical operations. He has extensive experience in command operations and oversaw the successful law enforcement response and resolution of both natural and human-made emergencies. Before retiring, Thor was instrumental in leading a multi-discipline group that developed the department's Community Response Team to address persons experiencing a mental illness crisis. Besides his practical experience, he has extensive teaching experience, having taught a wide variety of law enforcement classes for the NTOA. Thor has a long history with the NTOA to include representing the association in the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to develop SWAT capabilities and testing and being one of the core committee members in developing the NTOA's National SWAT Standards. Thor was previously Chairman of the Board of Directors and a board member for seven years. He is recognized as an expert witness in federal courts. Eells holds a Master's Degree in criminal justice from the University of Colorado and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and The Center for Creative Leadership. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the National Tactical Officers Association.