Ginda, Vinny
Managing Your Stress During and Post COVID

During COVID, first responders have had to deal with the direct impact of the pandemic in many ways the general public may not understand. This training will give an overview on how we perceive, interrupt and internalize fear, stress, and depression. Participants will also receive information about how long-term stress can impact daily life and how prolonged stress can lead to PTSD. Additionally, you will be presented with five things to consider when developing an individualized emotional balance plan to assist with reintegration back to “normal” or daily work environment.

Vinny Ginda - Bio
Vinny has been in law enforcement for over 25 years. Before joining the FBI in 2004, he was a Police Officer with Marysville PD and then Sutter County Sheriff's Department. His primary assignment with the FBI was in International and Domestic Terrorism programs. He has also been an FBI Hostage Negotiator and a Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) member for approximately 17 years. Throughout his career, he had numerous deployments overseas to include two tours in Iraq. Outside of his career in law enforcement, he has researched emotional intelligence, emphasizing the impact of technology on the developing adolescent brain. He has also conducted research and written papers on how first responders cope with short-term and long-term stress. These research opportunities have allowed a greater understanding of how individuals make decisions during critical situations. This research, training, and experience have allowed him to create various training and workshops that instruct schools and first responders on effectively increasing situational awareness. These training and workshops also focus on training participants on having balanced mental well-being in their daily lives.