Winslow, Charles
Visual Tracking for Patrol Officers

The ability to utilize visual tracking during routine law enforcement duties will enhance an officer's effectiveness in the field. Visual tracking can be used to apprehend suspects, recover evidence, locate missing children, find Alzheimer patients and augment K9 tracking operations. This seminar will introduce officers to the basics of visual tracking and give examples of how visual tracking can be used during patrol duties in rural and urban environments.

Charles Winslow - Bio
Charlie Winslow is a retired captain from the Chesapeake (VA) Police Department. From 1984 until he retired in 2010, he was assigned to the Chesapeake Police SWAT Team. He served as an operator, sniper, team leader, executive officer, and ultimately as commander. Since 2010 Charlie has managed the tactical training program at the Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy, a regional law enforcement academy in central Virginia. In 2010, Charlie received the NTOA's John Kolman Award of Excellence. Charlie has an AAS degree in Administration of Justice from Tidewater Community College and attended the Southern Police Institute, Administrative Officer's Course, 95th Session.