Mescan, Steve
Tactical Decision-Making: Suicidal vs. Criminal Barricade Situations

This course will provide an in-depth look at the various operational aspects and decisions that must be made before and during incidents that involve suicidal subjects vs those involving criminals. Increased litigation and a better understanding of legal responsibilities have led law enforcement to re-evaluate the decision-making process, thereby having an impact on the tactics employed. Legal ramifications will be discussed in conjunction with tactical considerations.

Steve Mescan - Bio
Steve Mescan is a veteran of the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and is currently assigned to the SWAT Team's Tactical Operations Section. The section comprises subject matter experts that assist the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Command Staff personnel with strategic initiatives, planning, and tactical resolution contingencies as they relate to all police operations. Steve is the past president of the Pennsylvania Tactical Officers Association and currently serves on the NTOA Board of Directors. He is an instructor for the NTOA and co-authored the NTOA Team Leader Development Program. He has instructed numerous state tactical associations and has consulted as an expert to area SWAT Teams concerning SWAT operations. In 2009, he was part of a subject matter expert team that developed the tactical strategic plan for the G-20 Summit held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.