Robles, Luis
The Articulation of the Use of Deadly Force

Long after you have survived the gunfight, it will come back to life. This time, the shooting incident will rise from the ashes within the walls of internal affairs, a use-of-force review board or a courthouse. So how do you prepare for this contingency? Becoming fluent in the language of special weapons and tactics is a good start. Often, a lawyer who understands use of force can point out specific areas you should address. Attorney Luis Robles will provide insight into the use of tools like the OODA Loop and how it can strip the officer/suspect encounter to its barest essentials. Aside from the practical application of the OODA Loop (observe, orient, decide and act) to your day-to-day work, the OODA Loop readily creates a structure which an officer can use to explain any incident, especially a critical incident such as an officer-involved shooting.

Luis Robles - Bio
Attorney Luis Robles has represented government clients for the past three decades. Having defended numerous police misconduct and prisoner rights cases in both federal and state courts, Mr. Robles is a trial lawyer with considerable expertise in Section 1983 and New Mexico Tort Claims Act litigation. Both as an Assistant City Attorney with the City of Albuquerque and in private practice, he has litigated numerous claims involving high speed vehicle pursuits, warrantless arrests, search warrant procurement and execution, crowd control during mass protests, use of less-lethal force, the use of Taser, police K-9 apprehension (bite), and police shootings. During his thirty years in the practice, he has tried approximately 70 cases to juries in federal and state court. He has successfully defended twelve police shooting cases (five by jury trial and seven by summary judgment). He also obtained defense verdicts in five police K-9 apprehension cases, and two large scale anti-war protest cases by jury trial. Mr. Robles is also experienced in defending matters involving prison and correctional facility cases. In a high-profile criminal case, Mr. Robles represented one of two police officers who were charged with Second Degree Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon for the officers' use of deadly force. After a two and half weeks of trial, the jury hung, splitting their vote 9-3 in favor of the officers. In addition to trial work, Mr. Robles has represented governmental entities before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in several cases. On appeal, he has successfully represented his clients in police shooting, wrongful imprisonment, and police K-9 apprehension cases, among various others. Mr. Robles frequently provides training seminars also for law enforcement, corrections, and other security personnel. As well as teaching basic cadet level courses, he regularly provides advanced level training for tactical team members and supervisors in high liability areas. As a result of his efforts, Martindale-Hubbell has rated Mr. Robles as an AV attorney recognizing him as a lawyer with pre-eminent legal abilities. Additionally, Mr. Robles is board certified in local government law by the New Mexico Board of Legal Specialization.