Allen, David
Built to Serve: Leadership Principles to Lead the Next Generation

Built to Serve provides a foundation of leadership principles used to effectively lead the next generation entering the workforce. There are many challenges leaders face every day and one of those challenges is finding the most effective way to lead the newer generation of employee. Today’s leaders are expected to know the personality traits and meet expectations of multiple generations, which can be a difficult task if unprepared. Built to Serve provides students with principles to use when trying to build strong productive teams. The principles presented have been effective in building high performing teams, reducing turnover, and preparing the next generation of leaders. This presentation is interactive and will leave participants with a plan to improve their leadership skills.

David Allen - Bio
David Allen began his law enforcement career in 2005 with the Okaloosa County (FL) Sheriff's Office. He serves as the commander for a multi-agency SWAT Team. David is an instructor in high-liability courses at the Northwest Florida State College Law Enforcement Academy and regularly teaches Rural Operations Tactics Courses. He was on the Florida SWAT Association Board of Directors for several years. David has a Master's in Public Service Administration from Columbia Southern University.