Javidi, Dr. Mitch
Strengthening Leadership, Resilience and Well-Being

It is well-established that our performance and leadership success is profoundly connected to our emotional well-being and physical health. Building on Colonel Boyd's OODA Loop and Reversal Theory, this workshop provides a set of comprehensive Situational, Cognitive, and Emotional dominance tools to activate positive and critical emotional intelligence attributes.

Derived from over 70 years of combined education, research, consulting, and training for the military, academia, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and others, these tools strengthen our psychological hardiness and manifest courage, control, and commitment, initiating a positive psychological mentality for maximized resilience, well-being, and leadership performance.

Dr. Mitch Javidi - Bio
Mitch Javidi, Ph.D. is chancellor of the National Command and Staff College and a retired professor at NC State University. He is an honorary member of the US Army Special Operations Command. He has more than 30 years of practical and hands-on experience in diverse industries including academia, military, law enforcement, government, and technology. As a globally recognized leader, he is the founder of the National Command & Staff College, the International Academy of Public Safety, the Institute for Credible Leadership development, the Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development, and the MAGNUS Officers Leadership. He has trained at the Joint Special Operations Command "JSOC" and the US Army Special Operations Command "USASOC."

Javidi was awarded the honorary member of the United States Army Special Operations Command in 1999 and honorary Sheriff by the National Sheriffs' Association in 2016. He served as a tenured Associate Professor at NC State University for 16 years before taking an early retirement but continues to serve as an Adjunct professor without pay (by choice) at both NC State and Illinois State Universities. He is a member of the "Academy of Outstanding Teachers and Scholars" at NC State University and the Distinguished 2004 Alumni of the University of Oklahoma. He is a published scholar with over 890 conference presentations worldwide. His most recent books are entitled "Deliberate Leadership: Achieving Success Through Personal Styles," "Handbook of Research on Effective Communication, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution", and "Moral Compass for Law Enforcement Professionals." His coauthored article entitled "Human Factors: Police Leaders Improving Safety While Developing Meaningful Public Trust" coauthored with Dr. Anthony Normore and Lt. Darius Bone was recently published by the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. Javidi was the recipient of the prestigious "Person of the Year" award by the National Society of Accountants ~ Senator William Victor "Bill" Roth, Jr. "Roth IRA" received the award in the following year. . Mitch is Dean of Academic and Leadership Affairs for the National Tactical Officers Association Command College.