Beckstrand, Tom
Optics Insight and Evaluation

This seminar teaches the law enforcement sniper how to evaluate and select optics for duty use. The details covered will also help the sniper articulate to his command the reasons why premium optics are essential. The evaluation and selection steps covered include scopes features necessary for duty use, reticle selection, mounting considerations, tracking and reticle cant tests, and scope set-up tricks that eliminate common problems for the precision rifleman.

Tom Beckstrand - Bio
Tom Beckstrand graduated from West Point in 1998 and was commissioned as an infantry officer. He later served in 3rd Special Forces Group and did four combat deployments as a team leader, the last two as a sniper team leader in the Commander's In-Extremis Force (B/2/3). He was also the Honor Graduate in his Marine Corps Scout-Sniper Advanced Course. He is currently the Rifles and Optics Editor for Guns & Ammo and the editor of an annual publication titled "Sniper."