Fairfield, James
Force Stress Exposure Training (FSET)

As a new "team" member, the behaviors of senior members are often imitated but rarely captured in the form of a future training document. Force-on-force marking cartridges arrived to the training world and enhanced the realism of simulated events, but the focus was on their safe use, not learning from the spontaneous behaviors generated while under stress. The Force Stress Exposure Training (FSET) is a process used to break scenario-based training into modules that scripts and controls role player actions. The trainee is faced with progressively more complicated decisions and due to scripting, the response of one trainee can be directly compared to the response of another.

James Fairfield - Bio
Lt. James Fairfield retired after more than 30 years with the Tallahassee Police Department and is now the director of training for an industry leader in body armor manufacturing. A firearms and defensive tactics instructor since 1993, he has created policy and lesson plans adopted by his agency and others. As a risk mitigation trainer for the United States Marshals, scenario designer for unconventional warfare training cells of US special operations personnel, and 8-year tactical team member, his lesson plans have been nationally recognized for content validity.