Long, Brice
Building the Tactical Athlete: A Roadmap to High-Performing Durable Operators

As tactical athletes, law enforcement officers face complex physical challenges daily for the entirety of their careers. And unlike professional sports athletes, these careers can last decades. Proper physical conditioning is important for success in the field, particularly for SWAT officers. Equally, if not more, important should be a focus on creating durable operators who not only perform at their peak, but can sustain that level of performance for years. The O2X curriculum provides comprehensive, science-backed training and education designed to help tactical athletes finish their careers as strong as they started. The O2X EAT SWEAT THRIVE methodology offers practical tools tactical athletes can use to improve nutrition, conditioning, sleep, stress management, and build resilience daily. This presentation offers an in depth look at what it takes to make these practices a fundamental part of a daily routine and how to foster a strong small-unit and department culture of performance. Sleep is a critical component of performance and has a direct impact on mental and physical readiness. For tactical athletes, shift work and sleep debt are often an undeniable part of the job; however, there are concrete strategies that can be learned and used to manage fatigue, improve sleep quality, and increase overall performance on and off the job. During this session, participants will learn from a leading sleep scientist with extensive experience working with tactical athletes. The expert will discuss the science of sleep and provide action steps that attendees can take towards improving the quality of their rest. Topics like shift work, strategic napping, caffeine, habits, mindset, and sleeping environment will be covered in depth.

Brice Long - Bio
Brice Long is the Director of Human Performance Experience at O2X, where he works alongside a team of US/UK Special Operations veterans; Olympic, professional and all-American collegiate athletes; and a network of more than 70 human performance experts to provide education and training to help tactical athletes finish their careers as strong as they started. Before joining the O2X team, Long was a career firefighter in Northern Virginia. He spent several years assigned to a busy truck company before a transfer to the training division placed him in charge of recruit academies, company officer development programs and field training, as well as conditioning programs for the academy and for firefighters in the field. Long's work there has been recognized by national fire service organizations and published in the National Strength and Conditioning Association's (NSCA) peer-reviewed Tactical Strength and Conditioning Journal.