Meyer, Fred
Incident Debrief: Heatherway Apartments Hostage Incident, Greeley, CO

On June 29, 2012, a gang member wanted for several shootings was located by gang detectives in an apartment on the south side of Greeley. The gang member subsequently took a female acquaintance hostage, and threatened numerous times to shoot the hostage and police officers. The Greeley Police Department (GPD) SWAT Team responded with the GPD Crisis Negotiations Team, establishing contact with the hostage-taker. Eventually, a throw phone was introduced through a garden level window, giving a GPD SWAT sniper a window of opportunity to shoot the hostage-taker as he held the hostage in front of him, using her as a shield. This debrief will examine the dynamics of the incident and highlight lessons learned.

Fred Meyer - Bio
Fred Meyer started his career as a police officer with the Greeley Police Department in 1986 after attending the University of Northern Colorado. In 1989 Fred became a member of the SWAT Team and was assigned to the Entry element. Fred was promoted to sergeant in 1995 and continued his association with the SWAT Team as an Entry element leader. In early 2018, Fred was promoted to Lieutenant. He has enjoyed several different department assignments, including the Patrol Tactical Unit, the Investigations Section, School Resource Officer Unit, the Traffic Enforcement Unit, and supervision over the arrest and control program. Fred has been an arrest and control instructor, active shooter instructor, SWAT course instructor, and teaches at Aims Community College in the Law Enforcement Academy. Fred serves on the NTOA’s Board of Directors.