Daigle, Eric
Legal Update: Use of Force

Attorney Daigle will discuss the history and reasoning behind the decision to remove the continuum from the police use of force policies a decade ago and why it is unacceptable to revive it in present-day policing. Law enforcement has worked for almost two decades to remove the stair-stepping methodology of the use of force continuum, due to its continued failure to represent the methodology of current case law accurately. During this webinar, you will obtain a better understanding of why an image does not represent the current established case law and the constitutional standards that we have in this Country.

Eric Daigle - Bio
Attorney Daigle is the principal and founder of Daigle Law Group, LLC, a firm that specializes in law enforcement operations, with an emphasis on management operational consulting services. His experience focuses on civil rights actions, including police misconduct litigation and employment actions. Mr. Daigle acts as legal advisor to police departments across the country, providing legal advice to law enforcement command staff and officers in the areas of legal liability, policy development, employment issues, use of force, laws of arrest and search and seizure. His experience focuses on Internal Affairs operations and use of force, specifically in the training, investigation, and supervision of force and deadly force incidents. Attorney Daigle speaks at seminars and conferences across the Country focusing on legal standards for effective and constitutional police operation. He has served as a member of the Independent Monitoring Teams for Oakland CA and formally for Niagara Falls NY. He works with Law Enforcement Agencies who are under investigation or a Consent Decree by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Litigation Section. Attorney Daigle developed the DLG Policy Center which provides consulting services on policy development to departments across the Country. Attorney Daigle is General Counsel for FBI- Law Enforcement Executive Development Association and a member of their instructor cadre teaching Supervisory Liability. He holds his Certified Litigation Specialist Certificate and is a member of their instructor cadre. He is was the Chair of the IACP Legal Officers Section and instructs at the IACP conference. Attorney Daigle is the Chairman of the Legal Section for the National Tactical Officers Association. He has completed the Force Science Institute Certification and Advanced Specialist training programs. He is a former member of the Connecticut State Police and now maintains his certification as a reserve officer.