Pearson, David
Jedi Mindset

Recent events have led communities to become more skeptical, fearful and cynical regarding all sectors of law enforcement. For years, there has been a debate about whether officers should be warriors or guardians, and while there are positive arguments on both sides, the mere fact that we ask officers to take a side is problematic. Attendees will be exposed to a new perspective on law enforcement culture; The Way of the Jedi. We will explore the Jedi culture and training and show how adopting this philosophy into law enforcement training will create balanced, highly-effective officers who have a better policing experience and provide a better experience for their community. Attendees will also learn the importance of creating an integrated training program that involves consistency across the hard skills and integration of the hard and soft skills in all settings. Discussion will also include the concepts of coaching and mentoring and being a champion and advisor.

David Pearson - Bio
David Pearson began his law enforcement career in 1990 with the Prince Georges County (MD) Police, then went to the Thornton (CO) Police Department from 1992-1995. Dave started with the Fort Collins (CO) Police Services in 1995, retiring in 2021. He served as a SWAT team leader for eight years before being promoted to Lieutenant in 2011. As a lieutenant, David has served in Criminal Investigations, Professional Standards, the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force, and as Acting Assistant Chief. David has been instructing since 1996 on over a dozen topics. Since 2005, David has been an instructor for the NTOA and teaches a wide variety of topics, most notably the Less Lethal Impact Projectiles, Chemical Agents, & Noise Flash Diversionary Device Instructor course. David has certified over 1000 instructors in the United States and Canada on less-lethal munitions. Since 2013, he has served in the role of NTOA Less Lethal Section Chair.