Flewelling, James
Koch, Christopher
Anatomy of an Active Shooting Rampage and Analysis for Training

This presentation will feature an innovative documentary profile of a protracted shooting rampage which took place in 2014. The documentary, from Vancouver Police Department - Force Options Training Unit/Odd Squad Productions, canvases offender mindset, officer perception and victim feedback. The lessons learned from this "on-view" officer-involved shooting incident will include a review of Exercise Vanguard, a full-scale reality-based training scenario involving 170 emergency services personnel and their response to a real-time multi-incident event to identify gaps in training. Presenters will provide a comprehensive overview of the training that has been implemented since the incident and how officer safety and departmental readiness has improved. Participants will hear in person from the officer who deployed his carbine and stopped the threat.

James Flewelling - Bio
Staff Sergeant James Flewelling joined the Vancouver Police Department in 1997 following university and service with Canadian Armed Forces. His policing experience includes working in three patrol districts, Court and Detention Services, and the Emergency Response Section. He has participated in over 750 tactical operations with the Emergency Response Team both as a constable and a team leader. In 2004 he developed the team's first tactical high angle response program. Flewelling has been actively involved in training initiatives throughout his policing career including development of a number of large scale scenarios, including Exercise Vanguard. While in the Emergency Response Team he developed the department's Active Deadly Threat response program (similar to MACTAC). He is currently assigned to the Operations Division where he is responsible for developing and overseeing operational readiness initiatives. In addition to these duties he is the VPD Active Deadly Threat coordinator. Flewelling remains active as a trainer in various disciplines including firearms, use of force, high-angle tactics, marine operations, and the Sergeant's Education Program.

Christopher Koch - Bio
Christopher Koch is a 10-year veteran of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) and is currently assigned to the Emergency Response Team as a team leader. He is actively involved not only as an operator on the team but he also facilitates training in an instructor role to both members of the team and patrol officers. Prior to joining the Emergency Response Team, his patrol experience includes six years in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) and working on the South Slope of Vancouver. He also works as a contract instructor for the JIBC where he teaches patrol tactics on a part-time basis at the Police Academy-Recruit Training Program.