Thrasher, Trevor
Behavior Based CQB/Room Entry

Behavior Based CQB will introduce the concepts involving how humans perform under high duress CQB situations, which is often extremely disconnected due to behavioral non-compliance from what is often taught and trained. The four critical tests of any tactic or skill will be discussed in relation to CQB/SWAT training and operations. Attendees will also learn the role of the three brains or "Triune Brain" when under threat and how to mitigate performance limitations of humans experiencing fight or flight activation as related to CQB. There will be numerous videos of real-world incidents to demonstrate the concepts.

Trevor Thrasher - Bio
Trevor Thrasher provides specialized operational, training, and consulting services for select counter-terrorism, law enforcement, special operations, and elite private security related organizations. He has a 25-year breadth of tactical experience in the military, law enforcement, and civilian security fields. Thrasher's law enforcement experience spans nearly 25 years, working 14 years full-time in capacities including an elite street crimes unit, five years of service as a SWAT team member, training academy instructor and other capacities. Currently he serves as a fully certified part-time police officer for a local agency. His military experience includes the U.S. Army Infantry, and Military Police, and 18 years in Special Forces. He is currently a Master Sergeant in the 5th Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group, Colorado National Guard. He has also performed a variety of counter-terrorism, protective, and other assignments for the U.S Government in a contract capacity for over 12 years focused on high threat, low- to no-profile operations in extremely dangerous environments. Thrasher is sought after as an expert in the fields of firearms, combatives, and close quarters battle and holds numerous instructor level or higher certifications. His work has been published in law enforcement periodicals, and he makes frequent appearances on both television and radio, and is regarded as an expert witness for use of force legal cases.