Gunn, Christopher
Incident Debrief: Booking and Receiving Center Hostage Rescue, Orlando, FL

On March 21, 2020, an inmate in the intake area of the Orange County, FL Sheriff's Office jail pulled a gun and held four individuals hostage. This included a deputy, a corrections officer and a nurse. Officers and deputies were able to resolve the situation successfully after several hours. This unique debrief will discuss protocols, tactical decision-making, negotiations, training, inter-agency relationships, and much more. Lessons learned will be shared.

Christopher Gunn - Bio
Lt. Christopher Gunn is a 13-year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff's Office and is currently the full-time assistant SWAT commander. He has served on the SWAT team for the last decade and has worked in several units throughout the agency, including street crimes, drug enforcement unit, and CID. Lt. Gunn served as a sniper, assistant team leader, and trainee coordinator among other roles on the team.