Caupp, Adam
Incident Debrief: Armed Mobile Hostage, Saint Louis, MO

This presentation will debrief an incident that began as a burglary interrupted by a homeowner. The suspect shot at the homeowner and left the area, later to be located by police. A vehicle pursuit followed during which the suspect threatened to kill his wife and baby, both of whom were being held hostage in the vehicle. Tactical decisions, command decisions, and lessons learned will all be covered.

Adam Caupp - Bio
Adam Caupp has been with the St. Charles County Police Department since 2007. He is an instructor in the following: Master Sniper Instructor, Less-lethal, chemical munitions, gas mask, flashbang, pepper ball, shoot-house, active shooter, policy, use of force, ground fighting, weapon retention, PPCT, field force, and other disciplines. Adam has been a member of the SWAT Team since 2009, where he has served as a Breacher, Operator, Sniper, Master Sniper Instructor, Sniper Team Leader, Platoon Team Leader, and is currently the Assistant Team Commander. Caupp is currently assigned to Bureau of Criminal Investigations as the Fugitive Unit Supervisor in the Special Operations Division.