Eklund, Chris
Bigelow, Jonathan
Incident Debrief: Hostage Incident, Orlando, FL

This debrief will discuss lessons learned and challenges faced during a hostage incident that occurred in Orlando, Florida in 2018. An officer was shot during the initial response, and the suspect then barricaded with four children held as hostage. Over 20 hours, the Orlando Police Department SWAT Team and Orange County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team attempted to resolve the incident. Tactical, operational and administrative considerations will be discussed, as will the transition of teams. In addition, expectations and realities of law enforcement during critical incidents will be a focal point of this presentation.

Chris Eklund - Bio
Sgt. Chris Eklund began his career with the Orange County (FL) Sheriff's Office in 1999. He has worked in several areas of the agency, including patrol, narcotics and problem-oriented policing, and currently is assigned to the SWAT team as the training coordinator and a team leader. Eklund has been on SWAT since 2002 and has been full time since 2014. He became a sniper in 2003 and the sniper team leader in 2013. Chris has been very active with the Florida SWAT Association since 2004 instructing firearms and sniper courses, CQB, and Hostage Rescue tactics. He has served as an instructor and Vice President. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors as the President. He has a bachelors degree in exercise physiology and served in the U.S Army National Guard from 1992-2002 before separating as a staff sergeant.

Jonathan Bigelow - Bio
Jonathan Bigelow has served with the Orlando Police Department since 2001 and has been an active SWAT Team member since 2005. He has served in a multitude of disciplines within the Team and its rank structure. He currently serves as one of the Deputy Team Commanders. Jonathan holds various instructor certificates and has taught a wide range of law enforcement classes at the local academy and for the Florida SWAT Association.