Sandridge, Mark
Clark, Rusty
Incident Debrief: Highway 16 Shootout, Madison County, MS

The goal of this presentation is to educate and prepare law enforcement for potential hazards when dealing with former military personnel. Students will be fully debriefed on the 2019 shootout on Highway 16 between Madison County (MS) deputies and Edgar Egbert, a former Marine.

Mark Sandridge - Bio
Mark Sandridge is an 18-year veteran of law enforcement. He currently serves as a lieutenant with the Madison County (MS) Sheriff's Department. His responsibilities include DUI enforcement, community relations and training. Additionally, Mark is a 16-year member on the Madison County SWAT team and currently serves as assistant commander. He holds multiple instructor certifications such as Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), firearms, Taser, less-lethal and active shooter.

Rusty Clark - Bio
Rusty Clark is a 27-year veteran of law enforcement. He has served six years as a police officer and the remainder with the Mississippi Highway Patrol/Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, serving as a road trooper, an accident reconstructionist/traffic homicide investigator, and a criminal investigator. Rusty worked 40+ officer-involved shootings and 75+ death investigations including homicide, suicide, and mass shootings, along with many other violent crimes. He has a master's degree in public administration from Liberty University.