Shumate, Jake
Manual and Shotgun Breaching
Hours: 24    Start Time: 08:00    End Time: 17:00    
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This course will cover the principles, techniques and legal considerations associated with forcible entry into a structure with commonly utilized manual tools and breaching shotguns. This course consists of both classroom and practical application.

Equipment List:
  • Breaching shotguns (if issued)
  • 50 rounds of Birdshot
  • 15 Breaching rounds (if issued)
  • Tactical Uniform: Must consist of long sleeves and long pants
  • Duty Boots
  • Ballistic helmet
  • Tactical Body Armor
  • Protective gloves
  • Nomex balaclava
  • Eye protection, shooting glasses and/or goggles
  • Ear protection, ear plugs or low profile ear muffs that work with ballistic helmet and headset
  • Knife
  • Personal hydration
  • Pen/Notepad

    This is a minimal list. If the attendee wears other operational equipment not listed here they may bring it if they desire.

    FOR LOCAL PERSONNEL: Manual breaching tools (Ram/sledge, haligan, bolt cutters, window break and rake tools, etc.)

  • Jake Shumate - Bio
    Jake Shumate is a Sergeant with the Marana Police Department and Pima Regional SWAT Team in Arizona. He has been a Peace Officer since 2000 and promoted to Sergeant in 2012. Jake spent a year and a half on the Cochise County Sheriff?s Department SWAT Team while employed there and he has been a member of the Pima Regional SWAT Team since 2004. During his time with Pima Regional SWAT, he has served as an operator, shield operator, breacher, explosive breacher, team leader and team sergeant. Jake has instructed multiple SWAT and Patrol topics to include basic and advanced SWAT tactics, shield operator, breaching, defensive tactics and basic and advanced patrol tactics. Jake has participated in and/or supervised numerous high risk tactical operations and continues in that role today. Jake is currently the Pima Regional SWAT teams breaching Sergeant.