Thompson, Jeff
Talking With A Terrorist (Research Study)

We hope to never be involved in a terrorist incident but if it happens, are you prepared to negotiate? Participate in this research study where you get to practice with dialogue from a real hostage incident during a terrorist attack. You'll have a chance to practice your active listening skills, figure out how rapport building works in this type of tense environment, and determine what is the best strategy to gain voluntary compliance. You'll be using your own mobile device to interact with actual statements the terrorist made during his attack. This research study is interactive so be ready!

Jeff Thompson - Bio
Dr. Jeff Thompson is a crisis counselor, professor, researcher, and 16 year law enforcement detective with the NYPD. He is currently an adjunct associate research scientist at the New York Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University Medical Center, a former hostage negotiator, and he conducts research and training in crisis communication in a variety of contexts including policing, terrorism, suicide prevention, international kidnapping, and mental health. He is also a certified Psychological Autopsy Investigator where he investigates suicide. This study is part of his affiliation with Columbia University.