Holloway, Kate
FBI's Active Listening Skills (ALS)

Active Listening Skills (ALS) are a negotiator's most basic technique utilized for crisis intervention. The hallmark of a negotiation is the subject's crisis - an escalation of emotionality combined with a reduction in rationality, leading to disequilibrium and hostage-taking/barricade/suicidal intent. Through an indepth review of ALS, the presentation will focus on the FBI's application of ALS within negotiations for the de-escalation of a subject's emotionality, return to equilibrium, and behavioral change (e.g., surrender/hostage release).

Kate Holloway - Bio
Special Agent Kate Holloway has been an FBI negotiator for eight years and is currently the Team Leader for the FBI Tampa Crisis Negotiation Team. She has worked closely with the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit in Quantico, Virginia, to include teaching at the FBI’s National Crisis Negotiation Course, serving as a moderator for the FBI’s Hostage Barricade System (HOBAS), as well as assisting with the creation of the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation App. SA Holloway has deployed domestically and internationally as an FBI negotiator on numerous occasions. She is assigned to the Orlando Resident Agency of FBI Tampa where she investigates complex financial crimes. Prior to joining the FBI, Special Agent Holloway was a police officer and certified negotiator in Virginia.