Byas, JD
High Elevation Tactics - Responding to Suicidal Jumpers

Negotiations are stressful and difficult. Adding an elevated area to the situation brings other considerations. Normally, elevated negotiations are face to face. The negotiator's safety is a priority. Temptations for quick resolutions are high, and natural reactions can be deadly. This course will give insight on the options to consider, as well as how to incorporate tactical maneuvers. Adding these skills will assist in achieving a safer and favorable outcome for all.

JD Byas - Bio
Sr. Cpl. J.D.Byas is a 34-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department. He became a SWAT officer In 1993 and was eventually selected has a counter-sniper, specializing in glass ballistics. He became a hostage/crisis negotiator in 2000, and has completed 650 hours of training with the Suicide /Crisis Center. His 25 years of SWAT experience cover over 475 barricaded persons and suicidal call outs, and several hundred high-risk warrants. Byas is currently assigned to the SWAT Support Unit. He is certified as a Texas Law Enforcement and Tactical Instructor.